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tyFlow_Sinkhole from edstudios on Vimeo.

Overview of Sink Hole Simulation

Sink hole simulation and ground debris particles made using tyFlow and 3ds Max.

The 3ds Max (2017+) scene includes a 3D model of a 3D crayon house breaking through the ground into a sink hole with dynamic debris falling down, it’s setup to render with Redshift. The debris/particles are also created with a separate tyFlow, and are a dynamic rigid body simulation.

Requires tyFlow, Redshift, and 3ds Max 2017+

Release date:June 24, 2019
Last updated:June 24, 2019
Product type:3ds Max Scene
File format:.max
File size:19.5mb
Requirements:tyFlow, Redshift, 3ds Max 2017+
Price:$2.00 USD