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tyFlow_RigidBodies_CoffeeBeans_Preview from edstudios on Vimeo.

Overview of tyFlow Rigidbodies

This 3ds Max scene uses tyFlow rigid bodies to create Coffee Beans as particles. Each particle has a physx convex shape collider that creates realistic collisions. Using tyFlow and 3d Studio Max you see an example of how to create falling objects that dynamically collide with a wooden bowl in this setup. You can quickly change the amount of particles, and the direction/shape of the emitter to create a more intense effect. The re-timer speed was set to 50% to give a slow motion look to the animation and give more accurate results.

The 3ds Max (2017+) scene is pre-configured to render with Redshift and includes materials/lights. The animated 3D Coffee Beans (tyFlow Rigidbodies) were created with a single tyFlow that references separate objects for the dynamic rigid body sim. It’s super easy to swap in your own 3D models and create your own physx simulation.

Requires tyFlow, Redshift, and 3ds Max 2017+

Release date:June 29, 2019
Last updated:June 29, 2019
Product type:3ds Max Scene
File format:.max
File size:20mb
Requirements:tyFlow, Redshift, 3ds Max 2017+
Price:$2.00 USD