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tyFlow_Ropes_Preview from edstudios on Vimeo.

Overview of tyFlow Ropes

This 3ds Max scene uses tyFlow splines to create ropes that react to gravity and can be cut using tySlicer. Each rope has a collider and interacts with the scene and other objects in the simulation. Using tyFlow and 3d Studio Max you see an example of how to create a rope setup. You can quickly change the ropes by creating a spline and inputting it into the tyFlow.

The 3ds Max (2017+) scene is pre-configured to render with Redshift and includes materials/lights. It’s super easy to swap in your own 3D models and create your own physx simulation.

Requires tyFlow, Redshift, and 3ds Max 2017+

Release date:July 10, 2019
Last updated:July 10, 2019
Product type:3ds Max Scene
File format:.max
File size:7mb
Requirements:tyFlow, Redshift, 3ds Max 2017+
Price:$2.00 USD