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Overview of tyFlow Splines Scene File

In this example 3ds Max scene we use tyFlow to create a simple spline setup, by using particles to bind to an object and using a simple turbulence noise force, we can create complicated designs. This 3ds Max was rendered using Redshift.

This example 3ds Max (2017+) scene shows a photorealistic rendering setup using a simple light rig using Redshift. This example 3ds max scene file features a key and fill light. This example tyFlow scene comes with high quality photorealistic redshift materials, in a 3ds Max scene that’s ready to use. Features bright pink materials using Redshift materials on a professionally studio lit cyclorama. Swap in your own 3D models and create amazing Redshift renders!

Requires 3ds Max 2017+, Redshift, and tyFlow

Release date:June 28, 2019
Last updated:June 28, 2019
Product type:3ds Max Scene
File format:.max
File size:3mb
Requirements:tyFlow, Redshift, 3ds Max 2017+
Price:$2.00 USD